Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Facebook sale tonight! Fabulous vintage fabrics at fabulous cheap prices!

It's our first Facebook sale and it starts tonight! Prices start at just $1.00 and I think the most expensive fabric is $6.00!

I have selected around 30 fabrics - individual pieces and packs - to sell to the first peep who says SOLD on the listing.

I have tried to get a good cross-section of eras and fabric styles to suit varying vintage fabric loves and projects.

If you'd like to be a part of the fun like our page and view our first sale collection here!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Facebook is fun...

Did you know Retro Age has a Facebook page? Yep - we sure do! I am on there daily, usually putting up photos of fabric I am working with at the moment or just chatting away...

Our page is here - like us if you would like to chat with me or keep in touch throughout the day!

Have a wonderful weekend, all...


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Popping back in...

Sigh - I have to admit, I am totally loving having a little blogging break. I didn't realise just how often I thought of the blog and what I should write about! They say a change is as good as a holiday and I have to totally agree....

Thank you so much for emailing us with your concerns and kind words regarding our storm damage. We are still awaiting our insurance company to get back to us with their report - that is taking much longer than anticipated and is quite disappointing. However - we are not like some of NSW and Victorian families whose homes were inundated with water etc. We still have our trusty SES tarp up and we're working - albeit in semi-darkness, but we're still functional!

Change brings about great visibility in life, though - it's like our wipers are totally going off on our windscreen and we can see the pouring rain of society coming through. So, there is change about with us - we're very certain a move is on the horizon and that will being with it the Retro Age showroom we have always wanted to bring you. It may be rural and a bit of a trek to get to...but it will be there when you want it! And there will be staff, too - so that leaves me with a lot more time to get all of our stock up on the website - and there is a lot of it, as some of you know!

Apologies if I am still not around much here over the next few weeks - this break is really refreshing. But I just wanted to pop in tonight to say hello! lovely people and that you're not forgotten :)