Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Heals of London vintage fabric

Anyone who has been following our business over the years knows of my love for Heals of London fabrics. The above print is one by Anne Fehlow - c 1960's and, yes, it really is that bright. It's available for sale here.

Another design favourite is the atomic design. Atomic spanned many facets of design - application, colourway, nuance etc. Above is a 1950s barkcloth with an atomic nuance. It's available for sale here.


Sunday, 27 April 2008

The long weekend, the vintage fabric stash and the wardrobe...

We've had such a lovely long weekend here - Australia had ANZAC Day on Friday and all of us stop for a bit to remember those men and women who have fought for us in the decades past. My Grandfather wasn't a fan of ANZAC Day until his latter years as he was only posted to Mataranka in the Northern Territory (Australia) and never really got to see anything of World War II (thank goodness for him)...the downside being, as he wasn't send overseas he wasn't able to get any veteran benefits from the Australian Government. So I remember previous ANZAC Day's with mixed feelings...

Looking back it was meant to be (funny timing and all that), but on Friday we decided to evaluate space in the kid's toy room. It's chockers with toys, number one's computer, toys, toys, toys and everything little ones like to have around them. It had two main furniture components - my Grandparent's 1950's laminex table and my Grandfather's men's wardrobe. We decided to the kids needed more space in there so had to figure out what to do with the wardrobe...I just can't give it away as it has a very strong sentimental attachment, but what does one do with a gorgeous men's wardrobe??? Below are shots of the sides (they swing out to reveal these compartments and the sticker located in the, what we were like in the 1940s! My Grandparent's moved to Glenlyon Rd in Brunswick when they were married in 1948 and brought their kids up in the community...

Well, I have bits and pieces of fabrics at home so we heaved and pushed and pulled the wardrobe up the hallway, through the kitche, through the dining room, through the piano room and into my be filled with fabric offcuts and general pieces that have yet to be offered for sale. These aren't even in our inventory! - so you can imagine just how much we have...

So, one hour later this is what we have...nothing neat and tidy or on bolts as they're not up for sale...but you get the idea! Yes, I am embarrassed to show...but I just had to! You fabric lovers can have a giggle at my expense!

I thought of you on ANZAC Day, Pop...Rest in Peace, Professor :)

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Cutting vintage fabric scrap remnant packs...

Hello all

Sorry for the long time between posts. Haven't had much to really chat about - well, I have, but as I forget to take the camera EVERYWHERE there's nothing new I can ever show you. I've had the travel bug recently and we've been going on long drives - to Ballarat (gorgeous architecture) and a quick one-hour turn around trip to Melbourne to visit the Chapel St Bazaar. Always loved that place but hadn't been for years. Gosh - more expensive than what I remember. And a little more crowded! - but a great time, nonetheless...had a great coffee at a nearby bakery and went back to the 1990s when I used to go to 'Hard'n'Fast' at Chasers and the Lizard Lounge at the Windsor Hotel (I think)...such great uni days :)

We are overstocked by bolt ends and off cuts so I have set about sorting them into their eras and popping them into packs of five pieces so sell in the Etsy shop and the website. You'll be able to buy them from either, hopefully - and I reckon they're going to be a cheap flat $6-$7 for each pack of gorgeous fabrics and, of course, in Australia postage will only around $1. How much cheaper can you get than that...??

Excuse the shoddy photos...but these are some of the 1940s/50s fabrics currently being sorted...

Have a great long weekend!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

A criss-cross abstract type of primary school!

Today was the day I stepped back into primary school. We're scouting the local region for a primary school for our number one son. It's been interesting to see what the differences are not in amenities and facilities but in the value systems schools have. Some have none while other shave magnificent systems in place from the moment your child steps into the grounds.

I couldn't help but be taken back to my primary school days, though...all of that paste and paint aromas just crept into my nose! Sigh...back to Brunswick Primary School in the 1970s, where I was (seriously) one of only a few students in my year who had an Anglo Saxon style name. We had a great inter-cultural school (with Sydney Rd and Lygon St blocks away what would one expect???!!!) and I loved it - we had cuisine day, I dyed eggs at Easter and celebrated all religious cultural events and holidays. My nickname was Stretch as I was this height that I am now by the time I was 11 - 5'10". I had legs going everywhere....where on earth have they gone??

Wonderful carefree primary school days. Now that's life!!

I had an abstract listing session today for the website...some more of those gorgeous 70s samplers we got a couple of weeks ago. These would make SUBLIME cushion covers, I can tell you...see here.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll don a smock with number one son and do a potato stamping session...and then have a nap in the arvo :)

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Lounging on the new vintage 60s Fler...

While recovering and awaiting lovely surgery I spent today at home lounging around on one of our new purchases - a gorgeous original late 60s or early 70s Fler modular lounge suite. It's complete - the way we have positioned we get a huge three seater and two seater and it's a lovely pale brown velour fabric. Even has the matching glass topped large square coffee table. Found at original owners house in absolutely magnificent was the second lounge and they wanted to get rid of it. Cost thousands new and we got it for a steal. We love I said to my Uncle...I am now addicted to Fler. It even beats my addiction to the Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Sitting in luxury while getting better - pity my photography isn't getting any better.

My fave wall art is featured. Original 40s rayon. Can't half tell my main lounge is a retro orange, red and brown colourway...we love vintage! And we love reusing things to reduce our footprint on this lovely world...

Back to lounge I go :)...and entertaining the tot with his array of toys!

Monday, 14 April 2008

The week that was....aches and pains...

Well, what a week. I am feeling old all of a sudden and I'm only 34. Firstly I fell over and crashed down on my right hip and shoulder. Ouch. Then I had another gallbladder attack so am now seeing surgeon this Friday to book in for surgery. Then I got a virus. Then I got a throat and nose infection. Sheesh...anything else?

I am over my little body at the moment. I want a day without feeling ugh or ouch, thanks.

I have also returned to drawing to get my creativity out. My uncle is going to Japan for four days next week and is popping into a giant craft store to pick up a Gocco Arts for Paper for me. I can't wait. I want to do some new thank you cards etc for the business and am hoping to print some of my vintage fabric retro inspired prints...ooohhh....

Lots happening on the website - shall be popping some more new stock on in the next 24 hours. Special offer to our Google Groups members this week, too - a 5% discount card with your own discount code for website orders, valid until Dec 31 this, if you haven't already joined, now is the time! Subscribe via email on the top left of this blog...

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow without aches and pains :)

Saturday, 5 April 2008

A sleepy Saturday...

You've got to love Saturdays. I got the chance to sleep in (about an hour until Gabriel decided he wanted brekky) and then we all got ready to go out for some time with Nanny. It takes us about an hour to get ready - the hold up? The four-year-old and what he wants to wear. If it's not Batman, it's Spiderman...or a cowboy...or a concoction of them all. Pity the poor person who calls him a super hero and he's dressed up like Harry Potter. Death stare.

We go out to breakfast or brunch of a Saturday morning - anywhere within an hours drive. We love the bakery at Portarlington so we can usually be found having hot coffees, bacon and egg rolls and cake...yes, all in the one sitting!

Saturday is also the day I visit my Grandmother who is in care. She is losing her marbles unfortunately - it's the only way I can term it nicely. She still remembers us but is slowly forgetting everything else...but we spend a couple of hours with her chit chatting away...and, as soon as we leave, she's forgotten everything. The entire visit. But it's worth it. It hurts, but it's worth it.

I still have to try and remember to take a camera around with me so you can see what we get up to - but I am such a forgetful thing I never remember. So it's more textile photos today! These will go up onto the website or Etsy over the coming much much more, hopefully!

Take care - and have a great weekend :)

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Gorgeous retro vintage fabric samplers going on to website...

We have around 70 of these samplers - different designs, different colourways, some cotton, some linen/cotton - but all are gorgeous and sooooo rare to find in this condition. All unused and all, bar one, in perfect condition...

Enjoy the photos! - we started uploading them on to the website yesterday and shall be working hard over the coming days to get at least 20 of them up...see new arrivals here.