Sunday, 27 January 2008

This is...what scares me...

This is a fun game I thought I would join in and play - see here.

Sharks scare the crap out of me! I blame my Mum for letting me watch Jaws when I was tooooooo young. I can remember seeing the film and then swimming in a swimming pool, freaking out entirely as I thought there was a shark in it - and I've NEVER been great in water since.

I'm only 10mins away from some of the best beaches in Australia and, I tell you, I barely wade. That's it - up to my ankles and no further. I get nervous when my husband goes swimming - and even when our eldest dives in for a paddle. Ugh...sharks...they are probably lovely creatures once you start to get to know them and chat over a Very Vanilla latte - but they look HIDEOUS.

So...that's what scares me...sharks.

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