Thursday, 31 January 2008

Ugh...too busy to care what day this it day 22/30?

Ugh...just too busy at the moment to do this daily day thing...sorry all!

I'm busy working on the Etsy shop, booking in more fabric to get into the website and I am restarted my art that went so well a couple of years well as being Mum to a feisty four-year-old (having a RARE nap as we speak) and a sweet 9-week-old (who is laughing at a light fixture as speak)...

Liver has survivied thus far with the gallbladder giving it some grief, so gotta get the suckers out, but only when I've finished feeding the little one. Now they've found I am iron deficient - really, says a tired me, no kidding??????? I felt like saying no shit sherlock!!!...but I didn't...I remained polite :)

The Etsy store has more than 50 fabrics in it now - most half yards, but some cool kitsch stuff and remnant packs as well...have a lookie if you've got the time :)...this is just one of the fabrics I've put in there this week...

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