Monday, 25 February 2008

Look ahead...and vintage fabric

Hello all

Well, I had al ittle break. Didn't mean to - it just happened. I think having a break has done me some good - it's enabling me to get things into perspective.

Life is busy as per usual. The business is going well, although we have made a conscious decision to pull back on it, fix and then build on it some more. We're going through the website fabric by fabric to ensure the right yardage is available for purchase - and then, if given the time, offering half a yard for sale in our Etsy store. Such fun! We might as well make sure what we're offering is correct - cos there's sooooooooooooooo many other pieces here that should be for sale it's no longer funny!

We're removing most of the sold fabrics from the website, too, to make it easier for you to purchase. It's amazing how quickly the fabrics move, though - some weeks we're struggling to keep up with it all...

Apart from waiting to see my gallbladder surgeon in early March and entertaining the two kiddies I've been taking more time off just for me. FINALLY reading the last Harry Potter book - and can already tell I'll be sad to let the series go. Also doing some baking (for others - I'm on the blandest diet due to those darn stones!) and pottering around.

While pottering I've been mucking around with some vintage fabric pieces - like small mini art pieces. Dunno if anyone else wants them but I think they're really cute. I mount a piece of vintage fabric and then write what I feel when I look at it - as, before I was the vintage fabric goddess I am today, I was an award winning copywriter in the advertising industry...but don't hold it against me :)

Have a pic of one's called Look Ahead.

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