Friday, 29 February 2008

Harry Potter and the Order of Vintage Fabrics...

Hello all

I burrowed myself in the house this week, all pent up about the last Harry Potter book I finally got my mits on.

Feeding Gabriel gave me some great time to sit and read, read and read, so I got through the mammoth book quite quickly. I also found myself hustling my butt off to bed early to read in silence...such a treat these days...

I finished it this afternoon with such mixed emotions - the highs, the lows - the good and the bad. Overall, I was so sorry to leave the magical world JK Rowling created. Whether you liked Harry or not, reading about the magical world really was magical.

Next book on the list couldn't be anymore different - The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I studied his books when I was at uni as a great form of 'copywriting' (yes, I studied the creative world of advertising), but reading conversation without talking marks put me off him for life. But I'll try reading McCarthy again as this book really appeals to me...

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend all!

PS - the shot is of one of my fave Harry Potter characters 'The Sorting Hat' - wouldn't you love one of those to direct you down the right path in life?

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