Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Just mine

I am on the other side of Christmas and I am waiting at the door to open for 2012. I am already calling it twenty twelve. Shame how it rolls off the tongue before I even get to the year.

Christmas was lovely. Too much food. Lots of laughter. Lots of family time. Lots of lovely pressies. I am now thinking of taking the kidlets to a welfare center/soup kitchen next year to remind them of what Christmas means to some. For not everyone is as blessed in life - and I would like my kids to learn about how hard, sad and difficult life can be for some, no matter how or why they got there.

Business returned to normal today and I started on the backlog of orders that have come through in the last week. I'll continue tomorrow and Friday and will definitely have everything off by then. Hurrah for Saturday dinners and then drinks, celebrations and then toasts and midnight smooches and then slight hangovers on Sunday.

Before the year ends I have been 'spring cleaning' the house and have created a new little nook for myself. I love it. I turn the red lights on of an evening and all of a sudden the spirit and the body relaxes and I can just be. Just. Be. Me. Perfection.

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