Thursday, 3 May 2012

All but signed, sealed and delivered - the Retro Age Work + Showroom

There has been much going on in the land of Retro Age - and that of our own lives.

If you follow (or stalk quietly) our Facebook page you would know the past two weeks have been our worst yet for 2012- with further storm damage, an acute arthritis attack that put me on my back for five days and largely being offline due to electrical damage. On top of that there is more, more, more - what was use is it to live life looking at the negative, I say?

Let's look at the massive positive!

On a super high note we are all but moved into a wonderful extra large and extra bright space - it's a huge 105m2 and has large windows on two sides. I have four rooms and offices to place all of our fabrics out on display - finally! It's the new beginning for Retro Age Vintage Fabrics - a work room and a show room and a drool room and a 'welcome come and pat some fabric' place all rolled into one. It also means I can offer all of our stock for sale - yep - all of those pieces that are lurking behind the lines that our online customers never get to see. We have so many local customers - yay for dropping in to have a look at fabric, I say! There will also be some vintage beauty in general to see :) - lots more in the pipeline, there! The part of the space you can see in the photo is half of one room - yep, HALF of one room. Do you think I can fill it?

I am SO SO SO SO EXCITED, peeps! I can't wait to show you all of our fabric - I am bursting at the seams to finally bring it all out in daylight and put it out on display on bolts on shelving. I could sing and dance and yelp and cry and jump and raspberry and - oh! - did I say sing? There could be pop-up shops, showroom nights, Facebook offers galore and more room to move, put your fabrics in the lay-by section etc etc.

Did I tell you how excited I am?

I did, didn't I?

And did I say this is just the beginning to the new Retro Age? Oh yes siree - this is the first of several big steps...but, first step first and do it well, I say.

Yep, I am excited!

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  1. Loud cheers and excitement for your new venture - congrats! Happily watching the fb page and all the lovely fabrics flying out the door - All the best to Vintage Age Vintage Fabric!