Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Free vintage fabric...ladybug or flower pinwale

I have started to go through our fabric inventory to 'iron, number and hang up' for our imminent arrival in to the Mill Markets Antiques Centre. It shall be a lot of work - but I have decided to give some fabric away as I go...just to make this hard task of ironing that much easier!

I came across this piece today. Every time I see it and touch it I instantly think of cute Winter's gear for boys and girls - it just has the cute side to it a lot of the older fabrics don't have (unless they are blatantly novelty)...

It's a medium to heavy-ish (Winter weight) piece (era of manufacture unknown) - a cross between a true velveteen and pinwale cord. The base colour is very hard to describe as it changes with the light - but, overall, it's a pale burnished brown with tiny red flowers around 3mm wide - although they also look like ladybugs, too!

The photos show the fabric half width and close up - with the base and rear also shown. It measures 88cm wide x 170cm long. I've popped it onto the website for just $6.50 - basically just the postage cost, no charge for the fabric at all :) If you'd like it click here.

If you're located internationally you can go ahead and purchase it and I'll invoice you for the rest of the air mail shipping...

If you like free vintage fabric stay tuned :)

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