Sunday, 14 December 2008

The plum pudding Sunday...

I spent most of today doing my first e v a h traditional plum pudding. Up until around seven years ago an old family friend used to make our plum pudding for us as a Christmas gift - but she unfortunately passed away and so did the recipe for her delicious plum pudding. Since then we have gasp bought our plum pudding - the good ol' fall back of Ray's Plum Puddings is lovely and all but not special, you know?

The older I get the more sentimental I get. And as our kids grow older the extra special Christmas is. So this year I (belatedly) decided to give my very first plum pudding a go. You know why? Because I love reading Frankie magazine and they had a fab no frills steamer recipe in their current issue. Whoever says magazines don't sway your opinion and lifelong direction?

So on Friday I bought all my fruit etc - and shoved some brandy on it. Some stirring for a day or so and then in goes the mixture today. I tell you - it smelt DIVINE. It is boiling/steaming as we speak. For five hours in fact. I hope that is right - the article got the container size wrong so I hope they didn't get the cooking time wrong!

I love Christmas. I love the flashing lights on our Christmas tree and our front yard decked out in trashy lights and santas and reindeer and neon signs. I love driving my boys around to have a look at all of the house lights. I love the carols. I love Christmas dinner. I love everything about Christmas...can't you tell :)

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