Sunday, 21 December 2008

A new quilted vintage fabric pouch beginning...

We have been steadily working on our little vintage fabric zippered pouches. We are on about our 'third' variation, I reckon - but I am really striving for something I feel is well worth the time and effort to make - and buy...

We have been unhappy with the interfacing method - it gives the pouch structure but it doesn't give it density, nor firmness. It allows the pouches to break their form and bend too easily. So, we have been mucking about with new sizes - and a new quilting method.

We chose to work with a lovely soft and pliable wool batting - not too thick, but thick enough it would hold it's form and straightness (for want of a better word). And we're delighted with our latest batch, I have to say. They feel like a pouch should - thickish, firm, strong. Not thin or whispish. So we've produced some lovely 12" long ones (without wristlet - we're still working on that part) and some cute little 6 x 4" ones that are perfecto for coin purses or for something small while you're out and only need some lippy, cards and moulah...

The brown 1970s retro super graphic print is a money purse - and it's divine, with a gorgeous retro geometric gold interior. We have about three 12" pouches and a couple of money purses in stock.

The pink one is also just gorgeous - but in a different way. This is the only 12" one we have made - and we're now out of this fabric so it's a definite one off! It's lined with romantic 1960s pink and white polks dot fabric and just so feminine and pretty. We also have two money purses in stock...

It finally feels like we're getting somewhere! Woo hoo :)


  1. Vanessa, are these sold already? I can't find them on your site!

  2. Merry Christmas, Zofia!

    I have someone interested in the long pink one (will find out about that this morning) but they shall all be popped onto the website either later today or tomorrow morning :)

    Let me know if you'd like more info on them etc...

    Have a lovely festive season!


  3. Thanks Vanessa. I shall look out today and tomorrow!
    Happy Christmas to you too. Make sure you have a proper break and enjoy lots of summer fun with your little ones- It's warming up!

  4. Will do, Zofia...there's nothing like this time of year with the little ones, is there?

    Happy New Year and best wishes for 2009...