Thursday, 4 August 2011

The kicker


So, I was on a high. Life was good - I thought my back was getting in order and I was looking forward to it being fixed by some magical finger-massaging-coaxing-back-to-life osteopath. Our plans for the business and our life are chugging forward and each day brings something to be thankful for - what more could I ask for?

Well - great health would be a start, I suppose.

I came down with a thud on Tuesday when scan results of my back came back for judgement day. Seems my lower back has osteoarthritis. Yep - I'm 38 and I have arthritis in my spine. For the rest of my life.

Well - what a kicker. It side-swiped me. I was one of those nongs who thought you had to be older to have arthritis. Ahem - nope, it can happen to anyone.

So, I have to learn how to live with this. First stop is to slowly take off weight to remove extra pressure on my spine and back muscles. Looks like no more visits to Brunetti's in Melbs for a while...drats, I say. Double drats.

Or, as my son says, dang it. Dang it badly!

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  1. Would you try natural therapies also?I feel for you even a twinge in the back on occassion is bad enough xxx