Sunday, 28 August 2011

Slow changes for the better


I have realised I don't put enough time and effort into myself - not my spirit or soul, but my actual body. I feed my brain with lots of interesting information, feed my soul with my way of living and feed my spirit with my hopes and dreams for the future and Buddhist ways. But my body - nah, forget about it. There's always something better to do.

But having a healthy body is what keeps everything else ticking. So it has to be a priority. Having recently found out about my arthritis of the lower spine I have changed my eating habits, thinking that would be enough. But I need to move more, there's no doubt about it. I have to be even healthier.

I need to start making promises to myself - I think I have forgotten how to do this, too. Over the years I have just got so accustomed to doing what I wanted with my body that I have forgotten how to really love it. It's just a body - when it should be 'it's THE BODY'. Without health I am nothing. And I don't impress myself with the way I (mis)treat it, either...I am disappointed in myself.

So, changes have to be made and promises have to be set. For this week that means a walk for 20 minutes every day, no bread or bread products and no alcohol. These seem like small changes, but to me they are profound ones. I would prefer not to walk and I love a scotch or two through the week. And removing bread from my diet is just my way of slowly altering what I put in my mouth and digest.

I am also being inspired by Vic from Punky and Me and Jodie at Jealousy is a Purse. I find their paths of improving their world - and the world around us - so very admirable.

Wish me luck!

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