Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Pooch, the Wotty and the Houses


The pooch has gone out in sympathy and has decided to put a rash all over his whippet botty and legs. So off to the vet we went and pooch came home after getting lots of pats and treats and with lots of those pooch drugs.


Lots of pooch drugs meant lots of sleeping on his bed. Ahem - yes, he does sleep on a flokati. What type of vintage loving dog wouldn't, I ask you? And, yes, that is a Wot Wot. He loves his 'wotty' - that was care of the three-year-old. Whippets love little fluffy things. I think the pooch would prefer if 'wotty' was live but we won't go there...


And then it was on to taking 104 photos of fabric to put onto the website. This is one of my favourite shots. Very London. Very England. Very Jane Austen when the characters leave the country to go to town. Love.

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