Wednesday, 12 October 2011

It's always tomorrow, lately...


Gosh - I am hoping this totally continues. Well, kind of., I am totally hoping. Recent weeks have seen a deluge of many, in fact, that we are struggling to upload fabric onto the website every day. And that is a first in a long time! I started this morning at 8.30am and ran into the post office at 3.10pm to make today's mail, then came back and we worked on another three orders, all of which are going to Europe. A customer mentioned us in the a big newspaper this week and took the time to scan the article and email it to us...with these lovely words...

Just letting you know about an article that was published last week featuring my business. Don't know if it's legible enough to see that I have mentioned Retro Age Vintage Fabrics as one of my favourite websites. I have always been really happy and impressed with the quality of the beautiful little gems of fabric I've received from you guys. It shows that you take alot of pride in what you do, as do I with my business. So I was more than happy to mention you in the article.

We are getting more and more customers referred by family and friends and we couldn't be happier with how the business is going. We're working to offer a larger style and date of vintage fabric, a larger range of price point and a larger range of fabric sizes - and, as many of our customers know, we are still treating every order personally from start to finish, including wrapping the fabrics.

So tomorrow I am hoping to sit for a while and upload fabrics to the website...I have to, as the storage is just building and building. We get more fabric than I can list...which may mean we need staff in the future! Oh, how I would love that...I could list to my hearts content and someone would help with the booking in and out and customer orders...sigh, these are what dreams are made of!

PS. Sorry to the person who scanned the Bloomcraft Picasso advertisement - I have saved it and lost your credit! Many, many apologies!

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