Monday, 5 November 2007

Banned from my own blog!...but some sneak on the website...

1970's upholstery linen/cotton - last of a bolt

Original 1950's atomic amoeba fabric...oooh la la!

Organic geometric Versluys cotton - I love this design and it's the last piece we hoo!

As I am within four days of my due date my partner has duly put his foot down and removed my laptop from my eyesight...well, every now and then, anyway. Hrumpf. I get bored very easily - not even a good book is keeping my concentration at the moment and I suppose I am a little antsy with the impending arrival.

Every contraction...means other contraction...bah! That is what I am going through a zillion times a day!

HOWEVER...not to be deterred...I have sat at the laptop and popped some lovely vintage fabrics onto our website. Some of the pieces have been instock for years - and rarely offered for sale. The amoeba one is a perfect example of that - mainly due to it's rarity and amazing design for it's 1950's time. You can get atomic barkcloths (genuine vintage and repro) a dime a dozen (in fact - people are still selling the repros as vintage!!!) - the Kaufman fabric being a good example of these genre - but the original atomic amoebas are as rare as hen's teeth....BTW - when does a chook ever have a tooth???

I shall get on every now and then to keep abreast of things - sad I am missing my work, but there you go!

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