Thursday, 29 November 2007

Some shocking photos of vintage fabric new arrivals...

Beautiful 50's drapery fabric with vases and gold flex...

Sheridan bolt - stored badly so until I unwrap it all I have no idea how good or bad it all is!

Amazing 60's dot drapery/soft furnishing fabric on bolt...

Crappy photo of lovely atomic style sheer fabric - have no idea what era this was produced in...

Fab psychedelic semi sheer poly

Fab atomic block poly border print...has some marks so have to wash this one!

Fab fab fab trees! Grubby so also needs a wash...why don't people store their fabrics correctly - ugh!!!

A whopper of a find - undoubtedly a Sven Fristedt 60' original panel - we have two of these that are slowly being washed and ironed!

Bolt of retro purple and blue fabric...super cool!

Out of the 64 these were the closest to me to take shots of...some of them are true faves, though :) Ya gotta love Sven :)

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