Thursday, 29 November 2007

Getting back into it...and vintage fabric...

A friendly peacock

The giant trout was a hit

I told you the Giant Trout was a hit

Hello all

Yes, I am kind of back. Gabriel has been with us for 12 days now - and, geez, is it easier the second time around! I don't know whether it's him - placid, sleepy, cooey etc etc - or the fact we're so blase with him compared to our first son. Whatever it is we're really enjoying ourselves, getting some decent sleep and now getting back into the swing of vintage fabric things...

Without counting our normal inventory (someday I realllly do have to take some shots of it for you - too much vintage fabric!), since I last booked in, we now have more than 64 new arrivals. Yes, 64 fabrics - just in a couple of weeks. I have booked a lot in to day and shall start to take photos they are not far away!

I keep on telling myself once I finish the new arrivals I'll get to the old arrivals...when is that day coming, I ask you?????????????

I am mulling over the Etsy store inbetween feeding etc etc. I am thinking of making this our exclusive sale store - ie. sale yardage shall go in there, as will (perhaps) 1/2 to a metre of fabric from some bolts featured on the website. That way it gives buyers a good opportunity for a sale, a bargain price and I can up always upload at a stipulated time to give people an idea of when to look etc etc.

That way the website can be for the rest of our inventory etc etc. Another goal is to clear the sold fabrics out of the website - they are clogging up the system! That should be done in the next week or so...

Until we meet are some classic photos from Melbourne Zoo. We drove to Melbourne today to have a day away from everything...and had a great time with all of the animals. The photos were all taken by our eldest son...he loves being in front and behind the camera!

If I can I'll post some photos of the new arrivals either tonight or tomorrow at the latest - although, they won't be far away from the website or Etsy anyway...

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