Monday, 17 December 2007

Closing for Christmas...goals...and being grateful

Above: Trippy psychedelic fabric...cotton, from memory...

Above: Couture fabric, embossed nylon blend

Above: I think this is a Bloomcraft cotton - large scale design

Above: Couture silk, I think - must complete burn test to confirm. VERY op art...vintage 60s.

Above: 70s cotton with a florentine style design...

Above: Very cool modernist thicker fabric - soft furnishing or drapery...

Above: I love 'picture' fabrics - this is a beautiful lake print...cotton...vintage 50s...

Above: Another picture border print of a wagon train - vintage 50s


Where on earth has 2007 gone???...let alone the past week!

We have been busy with fabric orders and have finally taken a breather to finish our Christmas shopping etc. We are hosting Christmas again this year, so much has to be done for the day. We also have a traditional (and potent!) egg nog night on Christmas drinking for me this year, but family dig in while we watch the Carols by Candlelight on Channel 9, then we drive around looking at Chrissie lights...then home, kiddies go to bed and we wrap all the presents...such a special night!

I think it's due to seeing 2007 become a memory - as well as being a Mum for the second time - that I have been mulling over the type of person I am and want to be. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how I've turned out! But there are ways I could improve...mainly taking some time to evaluate life and me and ways I could improve our lifestyle to leave a better place for our children. Thus, I wanted to start the following...

One way I can improve our carbon output/climate impact today: Re-buy green bags to use at the supermarket - set this goal for the next time I pop into the supermarket!

One way I have saved energy today: Have hung all of the washing up on the line

Something to be grateful for today: That I can fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes
Something I can improve on: Spending less time reading blogs and reading Etsy when I could be putting more fabric on Etsy and on the website, not to mention blogging!!! Too addictive...and I have such a compulsive addictive personality!

I have just photographed 20 fabrics to start listing them on the website and Etsy - some are new, some bolts we've had for a while. The photos above feature some of the fabrics...

We're closing down for business from Friday 21 December through to Monday 7 January. And we need the break, I can tell you! It shall also give me some time to get the fabrics in order for next year - I have soooo many fabrics that aren't even booked into our system it's not funny any more!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones - keep in touch as we'll keep the blog going over the festive period...

Take care of yourselves!

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