Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Joom - Etsy shop....and a petition for the whales...

I love taking a look around Etsy - it always makes me want to learn how to sew! We recently purchased a Brother sewing machine to get into the creative spirit (we thought this was the most obvious choice seeing as we are surrounded by fabric)...but still haven't found the time for hubbie to teach me how to use it...yes, you read correctly - he knows how to sew!

One of my favourite Etsy shops is Joom. I love those cushions! - and I love those prints! They are such good ideas for Christmas...but too late for us to purchase here in Australia now...alas!

And I'm never one to flog causes and my own personal beliefs onto others...but if you are against the slaughtering of whales, please sign the petition at www.whalesrevenge.com. You never know - you could make a difference :)

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