Monday, 31 December 2007

Struck down by a crab (stick)...

Above: Dekoplus fabric, 1970s

Above: Lucienne Day cafe curtains - UK

Above: Mary White's Coppice - UK

Above: Retro 70s fabric based on Verner Panton's Curves

Above: Verner Panton for Mira X

Can't believe it. Through the whole festive time my stomach has been made of iron and I have fought my way through everything that's been thrown at me...ham, chicken, chocolate (everywhere!), custarts, desserts, vegies...etc etc...

And then tiredness set in and I just. couldn't. cook. one. more. meal.

There was nothing left to do but buy some fish and chips. Who'd have thought it was a bad decision? Not me, not hubbie, not four year old who LOVES fish and chips but rarely gets them in his tum.

Struck down within five minutes. Knew something was array so rushed straight to bed. Dunno why - thought bed might help. Was so sick within 10 mins called the Nurse on Call hotline for the first time ever!! I have to admit...I thought my time had come, as I had never had food poisoning like that...never!

Am on very slow road to recovery. And no - that road will not be including a crab stick for a very long time...

Food candy for your fabricaholics above...

Happy New Year all - may all of your dreams come true in 2008.

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