Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Thinking of New Years...oh my! It'll be 2008!!

Above: 1950s embossed nylon

Above: 1950s dress nylon

Above: 1950s embossed nylon with cute little houses...look closely!

Can you believe New Years is only two weeks away??? I hate it when something creeps up on you...and as Christmas is first in line, that's all I seem to focus on...and then NYW creeps up on you like some type of friendly disease!

I have been Spring cleaning even though it's Summer. It's either 'cos I am very maternal with a little month old boy at my side or because I am strangely enjoying it. I will never repeat that so you'd better save this post....ugh...

It's time to be thinking of New Years resolutions, I suppose. Depends on whether you believe in them or not, but it's as good a time as any to think of ways to be healthier and happier...

Trouble is, haven't thought of specific ones yet...just general stuff...


Eat less chocolate
Try and suppress cravings for chocolate
Try not to drive to supermarket specifically for Homer Hudson's Chocolate Rock ice cream

Have been having fun all day with our new Flickr account - geez, it's easy! Don't know why I was so scared to touch it!! Easy way to upload photos to display vintage fabrics...so perhaps I'll have to use it as some type of announcement thingie for people who jump on new stock...that's for 2008, but at least I'm thinking of it!

Other than that, the house is decked out with enough Christmas lights in the front garden to give off way tooooo much carbon for our liking...but it looks fab and Number One Son loves it :)

I love twinkling Christmas lights...always takes me back to my childhood....

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