Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Magic of Thinking Big and Beatrix Potter


I don't know where I came across the tip to read the book The Magic of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz but I am sure thankful for coming across it! I have been steering clear of business or motivational books recently as I've felt they all say the same thing, just in different words. And they haven't help me improve my time management, my drive, my motivation, my life etc etc. I am not one to look for quick fixes but I do like some help along the way of finding ways to improve or enhance my life - and a lot of the modern books (The Secret, for one), whilst having a good 'story', for want of a better word, left me vacant.

But, for some reason that's beyond me, this book has got me.

It was first written in the 1950s and is still in print today - I think that says something. I found a cheap original copy on ebay and have been devouring it since it arrived a week ago. A great overview of the book (or some of it) is here.

On keeping with my whimsical theme this week I uploaded the above/below fabric remnants onto the website today. Are they Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit and friends? If they're not they're a good likeness. Whatever the characters, these pieces are super cute and would look lovely in any craft project...


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  1. This book sounds really good. Might have to look for a copy. Just looked below and saw your storage - Man! that's a lot of beautiful fabric. Looks so completely different in style to mine. Yes blogging is fun and addictive. cheers Elizabeth