Monday, 22 June 2009

A special event - Pablo Picasso vintage fabric


One of this things I have always been aware of is the power of the written word. I know how emotive language can be - how much it can draw you in and entice you. It's one of the reasons why I rarely use the word 'rare' or 'collectable' with the vintage fabrics. To me, rare means so, so, so, so hard to find and purchase. An almost impossible purchase, you know? Anything more rare and it would be in a museum. And collecable to me means something of value - whether it be due to unique or unusual design, limited print run or the fabric is from an era growing in value and popularity.


Sometimes I feel so grateful for Retro Age - for our loving business I so enjoy. Sometimes the fabrics we come across are average - and sometimes, like in this instance, they just take your breath away. Like this piece pictured.


This vintage fabric is a genuine piece from a small edition print run by Bloomcraft from the 1950s. It is called Carnet II and the sketch is by Pablo Picasso. I think this was taken from his second (very early) sketchbook and replicated on drapery fabric but I am still researching. Does it not hold your gaze and take your breath?

I love her.

We shall be featuring some more Pablo Picasso pieces we have throughout the week. We have ten unique pieces of this rare and collectable print run - each as amazing as the first.

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  1. I actually own this piece. And yes, it does take your breath away. I can look at it a hundred times and still finding something new within it.