Monday, 27 September 2010

Cruising into shark infested waters...


There is something so olde worlde glamour about cruises, don't you think? Or travelling by ship, a la An Affair to Remember. I have to admit the thought of journeying off for a week or so and disembarking onto the occasional island (and having the kids entertained) seems quite an intoxicating option. This is a kitsch 1980s first class/cruising fabric that will soon be going up onto the website - maybe an option if you can't see yourself cruising off into the sunset?

PS. Before I go on a cruise I'll have to conquer my shark phobia.
PPS. Yes, I know there is more likelihood of having a car accident than a ship going down.
PPPS. But if the ship goes down the sharks with swirl for lunch.
PPPPS. Forget it. I am not cruising anywhere.


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