Monday, 13 June 2011

Look back


Some days you think you've spent the majority of your time frazzled with kiddie antics over Beyblades, grumpy man friends, enough housework to last a lifetime, hissy-fit recipes and a dog with the 'trots' all down your hallway.

And then you sit in the quiet of the night and remember other things.

Like the sourdough starter a lovely lady gave me. And the way the chickens career around the backyard with a certain mission in their little minds (and then they come to their call and Weetbix even more eagerly!), playing Go Fish with the whole family and laughing at the three-year-old trying to set his cards in a 'shape' and telling everyone to GO FISH at the top of his lungs. Laughing to Absolutely Fabulous and Patsy Stone falling into an empty grave. Loving the tagine I cooked for dinner. Loving the chocolate self-saucing pudding I cooked for dessert even more. Enjoying the moments taking photos of beautiful fabrics, like the one above. Loving the swimming stories and how all of my boys loved an afternoon of togetherness jumping into water and doing backstroke...

Looking back can sometimes be so healthy. I realise now how good today was.


  1. Beautifully written. I have a vintage 1960s gown with that exact fabric on the bodice - you gotta see it!

    Amazing that you picked that :-)