Thursday, 9 June 2011

Working to live - not the other way around...


Tomorrow is Friday. We've decided to have a partial rest day tomorrow and escape the world of vintage fabrics. It's a day to spend time together, enjoy each others company and just be free of our day-to-day obligations. It's important, I think, to leave the workplace and just be a normal couple. We don't live for work - in fact, we both think it's unhealthy to focus on work all of the time. We have never been those people who work 12 hour days and work whenever we can. We are not driven. We want a quality life - a life lived instead of working. Sometimes there is a difference. I don't want to end my days thinking I worked too much - as, then, I know I have a problem.

Isn't the photos above a little ray of sunshine? I love it...

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