Tuesday, 7 June 2011



The people who read this blog will know I have a Buddhist shrine at home. I have been reading about Tibetan Buddhism since I was 17 and, even though I have not taken 'refuge' (become a Buddhist, officially), I like to try and live my life with some of the wonderful morals, ethics and teachings that pervade this philosophy.

For instance, every time I drive by or see an animal on the side of the road that has been hit by a car, I say a prayer for it. If I see something that has died I say a prayer, whether it be an ant, a fly or a human. There is no difference to me - all living beings matter. I also have a money bowl on my shrine - every time I add to it, I say a prayer for the people in the world who are in dire need of money.

For some reason, when I was uploading the above fabric onto the website yesterday, I said a prayer to those who need love. There are so many people who live their life without love, whether it was their choice or not. So I send heartfelt hopes to those of you who need to feel the love of love - I hope you feel it today and you remember there are those of us who love you...



  1. SUch a beautiful post, Ness. I hope you and your family are all well. Lyn x

  2. We're all well, Lyn - bloody cold, but well, nonetheless. I hope you and your gorgeous son are well - my, he has grown so quickly!!