Monday, 26 October 2009

DIY shampoo and conditioner


Living life accepting things as they are just isn't my thing. I always look to how I could improve processes and procedures, purchases and the general running of the family home. Killing my family and I - and the earth - living the wrong way doesn't flick my switch. Small changes over time have really changed our lifestyle - and lives.

This weekend I decided to make our own homemade shampoo and conditioner. The idea was care of One Green Generation. I have to admit I wasn't sure this was going to work - how could it be that easy and that good, my sceptical side said. But my optimistic side shoved that thought out of the way so I gathered some ingredients I already had, found two bottles and set some five minutes aside to whip up home made shampoo and conditioner.

The shampoo is a baking soda and water mix. I decided on one part baking soda to four parts water and put in some drops of pure eucaluptus oil. The mixture froths at the start but then settles into a nice liquid you have to shake every time you use it. For the conditioner I chose a cinnamon stick, a vanilla pod, one part vinegar and four parts water. Shake it all about and that's it. I let the mixtures sit for a day to get some nice aromas going and then....

...washed my hair. You put the shampoo onto your dry hair, just on the roots, and then massage it in. Leave for 1-3 mins and then rinse out. It felt strange as the baking soda was a little gritty, but it felt quite invigorating at the same time. Then you pop the conditioner onto the roots, massage in, leave for some seconds and then rinse out. By this stage my hair felt wonderful - oh so soft. Today, day two, it still feels soft and people have remarked it's shinier. And even though I used vinegar my hair didn't smell of vinegar at all. Next time I want a citrus conditioner - I can't wait to put some orange or lemon peel in...

I'll see what I get like tomorrow. I have very oily hair so it'll be a miracle if I get through day 2/3, but time will tell. I'll keep youp up to date :)

Many thanks to 1 Green Generation and her inspirational blog!


  1. Congratulations! Glad to hear it was a success. I think I'll try it too!! I'm on a mission this year to waste as little as possible (money and packagings). Thanks, Karen

  2. This sounds really interesting - am going to give it a try. Thanks for the link to her blog!

  3. Glad you like the post - it's working really well so far - my hair is chemical free!

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