Monday, 7 December 2009

Winding down for Christmas...

I absolutely love this time of year. I always have - and I hope I always will. We get into the Christmas spirit in late November with the preparation for the plum pudding, put our tree and lights up on December 1 and then slowly add decorations inside and outside the house right up until Christmas Day. By the time Santa arrives our eldest is delirious with anticipation - there is nothing quite like waking up on Christmas Day to two little faces beaming before diving under the tree - and then welcoming family and friends with good cheer and hugs and sitting down and enjoying Christmas lunch and Christmas dinner. And then you have to cheer in the New Year!

Given my year of ill health I am winding down early this year. I am calling it 'pacing' - we're not closing, but I am not working for hours on end each day, either (Justin is - ha ha!). I want to take some time out to enjoy this month, recharge my batteries for January (oh - do I have ideas!) and generally just take like at a slower pace. This year has gone way too quickly. I want to slow it down a bit.

Is life a blur for you, too? Or have you mastered the art of quiet contemplation and slow minutes?

Do you do NY resolutions? I don't - usually. But I already have two on a NY list. One is - slow down to smell the roses. Oh yes, please!

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