Sunday, 6 December 2009

Yes - we buy vintage fabric - and you can sell with us, too!

This weekend has been very busy and oh so productive. I am reading my Sorted book and doing all sorts of stuff around the house - good that I'm doing something but bad that it is without direction. Note to self to start in one room and stay there until it's complete!

We have removed 95% of the sold fabrics from the website - the first time we've been able to do this task in at least a couple of months. Phew! What is sold has sold in the past few days - so apologies if you go looking for that fab piece and it's off somewhere else :)

**We have had a lot of people contacting us regarding purchasing vintage fabrics - yes, we do buy vintage fabrics! We purchase from all around Australia, big and small lots. And, yes, if you have lots of lovely fabric you would prefer to sell yourself we can help you with that, too! You are more than welcome to list them on our website :)

If you could believe I have more than 30 fabrics to go up - and they just keep sitting and sitting! I think the rushing around for Christmas and other things are getting to us - we want to list them but can't find the motivation. I am working on it for tomorrow, I promise...

Have a lovely week!

PS. Happy Birthday, Mum! It was my Mum's 61st birthday today - we had a lovely day. I baked all morning - two delicious egg and bacon homemade pies and a sweet chocolate cake with chocolate icing - yum! I think we made her day quite memorable...I can't believe she is 61, though. The little girl in me remembers her with Nana Mouskouri hair and glasses and 70s flares. If she is aging it means I am, too. Oh dear.

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