Wednesday, 5 January 2011



We're almost back to normal! We have had a heavy two days of packing fabric orders from over Christmas and New Year's - the wrapping didn't stop until 11pm yesterday, if you can believe it! I got cracking early today so we've almost caught up with orders - just orders from the last 72 hours to go and we'll be back to normal programming.


That means new arrivals going up onto the website tomorrow. I know I promised I would do it over the Christmas break but Santa, plum pudding, Christmas lights and New Year's drinks got in the way...woops. Not to mention a night of merriment on Raspberry Cosmopolitans that saw me very ill indeed for two days...

I have to say we're NOT going to stop wrapping during Christmas 2011 - these last two days of wrapping/cutting/wrapping/cutting has been too much for both of to pace, we think!

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