Monday, 24 January 2011

The Scream


Can I (quietly) admit I am looking forward to school resuming and kindy starting? I know...I am horrid. But some days, after you've heard the word MINE screamed at the top of tiny lungs a billion times and crying at the top of tiny lungs...well, you just want school and kindy to start NOW.

I thought of using Edvard Munch's The Scream to portray my head exploding...but I thought that wasn't kitsch enough...a 1960s housewife having a meltdown is good enough for me!


  1. I think my two are getting a little sick of each other too! (curently in the corner argueing over lego! had to stop this to separate)
    I thought I would drop by and let you know how lovely your parcel was - plus the extra goodies - that I purchased from you on ebay. The swirly orange barkcloth will make fabulous cushions to send up to QLD. I will use your extras too. Beautifully presented too. Makes it such a lovely experience to have a pretty parcel.
    Brilliant - thank you :)
    Good luck with the last few weeks ;)
    Irene x

  2. Yes yes yes. I am screaming, too. Silently and sometimes out loud. Please let school start. Why are holidays (lovely as they are at the beginning) so long? :)