Monday, 21 March 2011

Zest. Zip. Spark. Yep, that's it.


This vintage fabric image is probably the kindred opposite to the music I am listening to at the moment - the fabulous Chris Cornell and Audioslave are rocking my little world this evening. I needed something loud - something thumping - something to bring me back to life. Cos I realised something today. After the quake in New Zealand, floods in Victoria and Queensland, the cyclone in Queensland, the quake in Japan and my Nan's passing I think my spirit has lost it's zest. It's zip. It's spark. It's life force.

So it's time to start feeding my spirit. Yes, I have to overcome grieving en mass. But at least I realise that now and I can work day-by-day to get my life force back. No more flat Stanley for me, I say. There is lots of living to do. Don't forget, peeps - live today and tomorrow as well as you can...cos you'll never get yesterday back.

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