Friday, 1 July 2011

And now it's time for the baby bears...


School holidays is now upon us in Victoria - 'tis the best of times, 'tis the worst of times, as far as I am concerned. It's hard for the boys to play harmoniously for two weeks - not a day goes by when there's not high-pitched constant quarreling over toys, books, games, TV etc. And that means lots of noise and lots of toddler crying. And that means our patience flies out the window. So, the strategy is to keep them busy, do lots of new things and recharge everyone's patience and love batteries! I do love having the schoolie home,'s nice to spend more time with him as they grow up so darned quickly! (and that means I age quicker, too....bah!)

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  1. Good luck we have done our 1st week sentence and as I have 5 grandies living here its been NOISY as!! The older 2 are always at each others throat and the next 2 are always argueing but relief is at hand as 2 go to their nannas tomorrow for a week and maybe 2 others 2 theirs.Having said all that I really really miss them when they go.