Tuesday, 12 July 2011

It's the micro details, I think


I have been thinking a lot lately of everything being interwoven - lives, fabric, the weather etc. I love fabric weaves and the differences warp and weft can give. I was thinking along the lines that the happiness, satisfaction and general 'success' you feel you have in your life is from those 'things' or 'people' we weave our way into.

And then it hit me today.

It's all in the detail. It's all in the small details. It's not the weave itself, but in how you weave...how you get the effect is all about the way you do it. So I am now thinking one step further into my thoughts on life in general...that small details have the most resounding impact than the larger ones. Cause and effect - on the micro scale.

I'll try to explain myself better tomorrow :)

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