Monday, 11 July 2011

Yes, we have retro rocks in our heads


So much has been lived recently. So many days well lived. And so many days with back pain! Therefore, there has been much time on one of those Pilates thingies working my ass off to get my back into working order. You know the one Oprah had those many years ago that she lounged about on at various angles? Yep, well I'm now on one of those every day.

Luckily I only have pain when I am seated and when I get up from sitting - walking and doing other stuff is fine. So we've been out and about every day seeing this and that. Too much to really report - and, really, is it that interesting, anyhoo? But this is my favourite pic thus far. It takes me back to my Grandparent's old house (it isn't their house). This old house is at the National Wool Museum. The boys, the husbie and I walked, sat, talked on the old phone and generally 'lived' in this house for around 10 minutes of our visit. I think other visitors thought we had retro rocks in our heads, but we loved it.

I love old homes. I love the stillness in them. There is no stillness in new homes, IMHO.

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  1. Sad to hear your backs still bad hope it gets better soon.I agree with you old houses are much nicer than new and are more my style as well.