Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Side-by-side feels ever so nice...

When we're free of the business and the kidlets Justin and I are getting away from it all and just sitting side-by-side, taking five. Today it was the local pub for a sneaky beer (sorry, doctors - I didn't think one pint would hurt him?) and that cheered him up to no extent. Two more weeks of no driving, which is irritating him to no end. But today the speech is definitely better and the walking is getting there - there is exhaustion, irritability and general stubborness regarding the virus, but now that he is slowly showing improvement he is becoming more and more positive.

And that leaves me more time to get back to work and put up lots of new arrivals. Are you following us on Facebook, too? As I am putting up photos of the new arrivals daily, at the moment - it's a great way to keep in contact with me during the day and to get in early for sneak previews of fabric!

Back to work for me, now... no rest for wives of men with encephalitis!

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