Thursday, 1 September 2011

Back together - the end of an era


Today. What a strange, cathartic and awful day rolled into one. It was one of those days that couldn't decide what it wanted to be - drizzly or sunny.


This is the rose that my Nan and Pop are now interred near - they are around 60cm in front of it, but it is their bush.


It is wonderful to see new growth on the bush - it's a timely reminder that life, even in death, keeps going.


And so here they are. Married in 1948 and parted when Pop died in 2004. It wasn't a perfect marriage by a long shot, but they were two lovely people who I adored my whole life.

Unfortunately today was ruined by my Aunt taking away my carnation stems from the bottom of the rose bush, angrily saying they were desecrating my Nan's grave. We are a broken family and have been for many years - but unfortunately my Aunt carried a lot of anger and couldn't contain herself, even on this special day.

Nonetheless, I am so glad they are finally resting together - and, you know what? I got a giggle this afternoon - as they are 'resting' on the 'same side of the bed they slept on'. How apt.

I am glad I will never see my Aunt again. And I am bereft I shall never see my Nan and Pop again. But that is life and I intend to live it as it should be - with family and with love.

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  1. How sad of an Aunty to do that today of all days I hope you put them back when she left.I was a bit confusd at 1st thought it was a 3 not an 8 sure had me befuddled for a bit (am tired na am always befuddled lol)
    So good you got a gioigle out of their being on same side of the bed that was sweet.
    Would love to see pics one day old and young I love those. xxx