Sunday, 18 September 2011

Raggedy Ness...almost

This weekend was one of lazing in the sunshine, working on the paving in our courtyard and front of the house, reading books, laughing at funny old BBC comedy shows (is there anything like them today?) and working when I could. Justin is home and recuperating and I am glad to report his speech is improving daily...although his left side is still markedly sore and he still limps hither and thither. Nonetheless, there is improvement...and that is so important, even just a little bit a day.

The business is still rocking and rolling and I have been busy putting up some new arrivals this weekend. This little Miss - yes, it's Raggedy Anne - will be going up this week. I chose the photo as that is how I can imagine myself feeling soon - all bright and chuffed and in love with life. I am almost there - we are laughing, living and loving instead of worrying, crying and foreboding. It's been almost two weeks now since life slapped us in the face. But that slap has taught us so much....

I hope you had a lovely weekend!


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