Thursday, 8 September 2011

Without warning it struck


I am going to keep this short as I could be here all night telling you about my last three days...but I want to spend tonight with the man I love. Because on Tuesday afternoon he was admitted to our local Emergency Department as a category three (high) as everyone thought he'd had a stroke. After many tests and sleepless nights and long days we were finally told today that he hasn't had a stroke, but something like it that will put him in to speech rehabilitation for several weeks. The brain is a funny thing. The doctors don't really know what caused this, but the cerebellum isn't sending out the correct messages to the lower face/throat - or, if it is, the messages aren't getting through correctly.

On Tuesday I thought he was going to die. When I left hospital at 1.30am he thought it was 1995.
On Wednesday I thought he would never be the same again. Doctors were preparing us for the worst.
Today I have hope that our life will return to normal. He is now home, recuperating.

I can't tell you how quickly it happened. He started the sentence talking fine and ended it without being able to say the word. In a micro-second life changed.

I never want to fear of losing him again. My heart felt like it had stopped.

Live for the day, peeps - don't care for the 'morrow until it arrives.



  1. Oh, dear Ness that must have been scary.
    I can feel your fear & your exhaustion.
    A similar thing happened to us a few months back when my husband started losing his eyesight. It took them days to rule out stroke, aneurysm & tumor. I was a wreck.
    Be strong & try to take each day as it comes. I wish I was closer so I could drop off some dinner or be a bit more helpful.
    Sending you big hugs & wishing for a speedy recovery.x

  2. You poor thing Its an awful thing I had a shock a few years ago when hubby had a seizure I thought he had a stroke too it ended up being his meds and happened 3 times over 3 years last one in 09 on hos 50th.I hope hubby will be ok now bet it shocked him too

  3. So sorry to hear about this. My thoughts are with you. Remember to take care of yourself too.
    Elaine Kitsch and Curious

  4. Oh how awful for Justin, you and the boys. Get well soon and stay strong!

  5. wow, i dont know you at all and yet you still managed to respond to my mails, organise my fabulous fabric, package it and write a lovely note.

    Three cheers to you for your keeping it together and a hug to keep you strong in the weeks ahead.


  6. Thank you, all - we are just taking everything day by day - I have faith everything will be fine in the long run...