Thursday, 13 March 2008

New vintage fabric arrivals...gorgeous samplers

I have popped these gorgeous new arrivals up on Flickr tonight as I can't stop looking at them - and I thought some of you would like to have a look too! We have more than 70 samplers around the 5ocm x 55cm size, all from the one collection and all, as you can see, in complementary colourways. I have taken a full width, half width and a close up shot to give you an idea of the scale...if you look at the majority of the ones I have uploaded tonight they are the sampler ones...

These are genuine early 1970s pieces and the collection includes some major rarities. You can view some of the collection here.

They'll be up for sale on the website as I get time to get them up there! (time - what time??) , starting tomorrow. Prices will range, depending on rarity, colourway and design...

The collection (believe it or not) included some really basic old fabrics - but these are the new 'in' fabrics - the original modernist ones without pattern, just weave. Genuine vintage, too good to throw out or to give to thrift stores (they apparently throw out basic fabric??) so I thought one of you might like one or more of them...

1. The green woven piece is original early 1960s, still with it's original price string attached. Been stored ever since - measured 142cm selv to selv and is 84cms long. Needs a good wash but is free from any other complaints. Slighly open weave - would make uber cool cushion covers or just a hang for a chair...price is AUD $4 plus me if you want it :)

The orange one is 130cm wide selv to selv and is 84 cms long and is RARE. Original 50s or 60s vintage, never used, but could do with a wash. Soft cotton - feels lovely, actually. Printed selv note - sign kirsti ilvessalo - a famed textile designer from Finland who is highly sought after...looks so simple, but looks who it was designed by! Woot! Price i AUD$25 plus postage.

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