Monday, 14 April 2008

The week that was....aches and pains...

Well, what a week. I am feeling old all of a sudden and I'm only 34. Firstly I fell over and crashed down on my right hip and shoulder. Ouch. Then I had another gallbladder attack so am now seeing surgeon this Friday to book in for surgery. Then I got a virus. Then I got a throat and nose infection. Sheesh...anything else?

I am over my little body at the moment. I want a day without feeling ugh or ouch, thanks.

I have also returned to drawing to get my creativity out. My uncle is going to Japan for four days next week and is popping into a giant craft store to pick up a Gocco Arts for Paper for me. I can't wait. I want to do some new thank you cards etc for the business and am hoping to print some of my vintage fabric retro inspired prints...ooohhh....

Lots happening on the website - shall be popping some more new stock on in the next 24 hours. Special offer to our Google Groups members this week, too - a 5% discount card with your own discount code for website orders, valid until Dec 31 this, if you haven't already joined, now is the time! Subscribe via email on the top left of this blog...

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow without aches and pains :)

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  1. Getting older is frustrating. I'm 35 & somedays I feel about 100!

    Hope you feel better soon. I love the fabrics you have pictured today too & the washing ladies from the previous post. There might be an upcoming pillowcase craft project you could use a bit of that for.