Saturday, 5 April 2008

A sleepy Saturday...

You've got to love Saturdays. I got the chance to sleep in (about an hour until Gabriel decided he wanted brekky) and then we all got ready to go out for some time with Nanny. It takes us about an hour to get ready - the hold up? The four-year-old and what he wants to wear. If it's not Batman, it's Spiderman...or a cowboy...or a concoction of them all. Pity the poor person who calls him a super hero and he's dressed up like Harry Potter. Death stare.

We go out to breakfast or brunch of a Saturday morning - anywhere within an hours drive. We love the bakery at Portarlington so we can usually be found having hot coffees, bacon and egg rolls and cake...yes, all in the one sitting!

Saturday is also the day I visit my Grandmother who is in care. She is losing her marbles unfortunately - it's the only way I can term it nicely. She still remembers us but is slowly forgetting everything else...but we spend a couple of hours with her chit chatting away...and, as soon as we leave, she's forgotten everything. The entire visit. But it's worth it. It hurts, but it's worth it.

I still have to try and remember to take a camera around with me so you can see what we get up to - but I am such a forgetful thing I never remember. So it's more textile photos today! These will go up onto the website or Etsy over the coming much much more, hopefully!

Take care - and have a great weekend :)

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