Thursday, 24 April 2008

Cutting vintage fabric scrap remnant packs...

Hello all

Sorry for the long time between posts. Haven't had much to really chat about - well, I have, but as I forget to take the camera EVERYWHERE there's nothing new I can ever show you. I've had the travel bug recently and we've been going on long drives - to Ballarat (gorgeous architecture) and a quick one-hour turn around trip to Melbourne to visit the Chapel St Bazaar. Always loved that place but hadn't been for years. Gosh - more expensive than what I remember. And a little more crowded! - but a great time, nonetheless...had a great coffee at a nearby bakery and went back to the 1990s when I used to go to 'Hard'n'Fast' at Chasers and the Lizard Lounge at the Windsor Hotel (I think)...such great uni days :)

We are overstocked by bolt ends and off cuts so I have set about sorting them into their eras and popping them into packs of five pieces so sell in the Etsy shop and the website. You'll be able to buy them from either, hopefully - and I reckon they're going to be a cheap flat $6-$7 for each pack of gorgeous fabrics and, of course, in Australia postage will only around $1. How much cheaper can you get than that...??

Excuse the shoddy photos...but these are some of the 1940s/50s fabrics currently being sorted...

Have a great long weekend!

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