Wednesday, 16 April 2008

A criss-cross abstract type of primary school!

Today was the day I stepped back into primary school. We're scouting the local region for a primary school for our number one son. It's been interesting to see what the differences are not in amenities and facilities but in the value systems schools have. Some have none while other shave magnificent systems in place from the moment your child steps into the grounds.

I couldn't help but be taken back to my primary school days, though...all of that paste and paint aromas just crept into my nose! Sigh...back to Brunswick Primary School in the 1970s, where I was (seriously) one of only a few students in my year who had an Anglo Saxon style name. We had a great inter-cultural school (with Sydney Rd and Lygon St blocks away what would one expect???!!!) and I loved it - we had cuisine day, I dyed eggs at Easter and celebrated all religious cultural events and holidays. My nickname was Stretch as I was this height that I am now by the time I was 11 - 5'10". I had legs going everywhere....where on earth have they gone??

Wonderful carefree primary school days. Now that's life!!

I had an abstract listing session today for the website...some more of those gorgeous 70s samplers we got a couple of weeks ago. These would make SUBLIME cushion covers, I can tell you...see here.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll don a smock with number one son and do a potato stamping session...and then have a nap in the arvo :)


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  2. I've wandered over here after you visited my blog, and I've gotta say - you are going to get me into trouble!
    So many gorgeous fabrics - I'll be watching your shop from now on!


    Leah xx