Thursday, 21 August 2008

178m of vintage, retro and modern fabric....

I am now officially over O.V.A.H photographing these fabrics and listing them on ebay. OVAH. S.O OVAH. But I am determined to complete the assignment.

Thus - another seven auctions went up tonight. That takes the stash up on ebay at the moment to around 180m. Holy fabric, Batman - that's a lot of fabric!

I am not going to put any auctions up tomorrow as Fridays are a bad day for ebay with their maintenance etc - so Saturday and Sunday it is. I'll aim for seven auctions each day. At last count I think I have around 16 bundles still to list.

I am taking the most of tomorrow off to give ourselves a semi-long (ish) weekend - we need more of them to get ourselves healthy and well. For once we have our packaging done in time so everything will be completed tomorrow morning and we'll have some time to photograph and perhaps list some new fabric on the website and that will be it. Woo hoo.

I have been devouring my fave blog recently - have a look at this post if you love 'modernism' and what everyone thought we would be living like now back in 1957. Soooo kitsch - and so cool!

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