Monday, 25 August 2008

Can someone please lend me US$1.3m? I'm good for it :)

The older I get the more I am appreciating vintage architecture and mid-century interiors. Sometimes I sit for hours looking at old magazines, fantasining about patios, balconies and snugs. Now it's al fresco, theatre room and walk ins. I prefer the original myself :)

The more I start to plan the renovation of our early 1970s original retro house the more I am thinking I want an older home to renovate - or to keep original. The problem with so many houses is that they are partially renovated (and not very well IMHO - ugh, the 80s pink!) or have been left to age and rot :(

Anyone have a cool $1.3m US dollars in their bank account? This gorgeous original 1965 house - erm, bloody large home! - is currently for sale with all original furnishings etc. Every time I look at just one of the photos in their Des Moines listing a part of me just leaps for joy at the perfect architecture and interior. Look at that sunken lounge :) - I would LOVE a sunken lounge...

I would also love shelving like the one in the photo above. And a hallway to withstand the magnificent shelving. And a sublime orange couch to offset the gorgeous green carpet. Oh - seriously - I could go on forever about this house. Pop over to the real estate listing to have a peek at the glamour of yesterday - and, if ya can, feel free to buy it for Retro Age Vintage Fabrics...the fabrics would look gorgeous in there!


  1. Can you imagine getting up in your modernist luxury bedroom and dawdling off to the swimming pool after your vegemite on toast? Oh - what a feeling! I LOVE that pool :)

  2. That pool room is outstanding! I want one of those (with an invisible safety fence for the kids of course)

  3. LOL - I wonder what a modernist pool fence would look like? Hopefully something woody and linear...:) Thanks for visiting the blog!