Saturday, 9 August 2008

New arrivals just uploaded to website...

Things have finally settled down a bit around here. Gabriel is on the road to recovery (thank goodness he found that road!) and Logan is healthy and happy...which, all in all...makes us very happy :)

We've played things slowly the past couple of days, mainly to catch up on sleep and rebuild our energy after living in hospital for four days - sleeping restlessly, constantly woken up by Gabriel, nurses and general hospital things - and living with cafeteria food, most of which was kinda fast food trying to be healthy.

But today I found some time (and energy) to upload all of these fabrics onto the website. They are a collection from the same estate so all are of a lovely quality and feel.

My Uncle came over for dinner tonight (thank goodness my Mum cooked us a wonderful Curry Pumpkin soup and Dearie whipped up a yummo chocolate self saucing pudding - I couldn't cook at the moment even if I tried!). Feeling so much better for the company.

Looking forward to feeling even better tomorrow - and guess what? We have more than 500 unpacked fabrics to put onto the website. That's right - not including the ones we put back in storage! So I have some work to do in the coming weeks :)

New arrivals can be viewed here.


  1. Things WILL return to normal - whatever that is. Happy week. Take it easy.

  2. Thank you - that is very sweet of you :) - and, yes, our normal is not that normal so perhaps we'd better learn how to be 'average' normal.