Thursday, 7 August 2008

Putting things into perspective...from Monday to Thursday

I remember reading interesting posts from fellow bloggers in recent weeks about putting things into perspective. I can't remember all of the posts specifically - bar one, and that is Lara's one here.

You only put your life into perspective when horrid things happen - or when you get those elusive "wow - I get it now" moments. We got our moment watching our youngest son struggling. Struggling. To. Breathe. His chest and stomach heaved to get his air in and we felt helpless watching the emergency staff working on him to give him oxygen and to calm him down.

Four days. Three nights. Bronchiolitis. Severe bronchiolitis. He needed oxygen for three days and is now home, still sick, but able to fight the virus himself.

There is nothing, nothing, nothing, in life like your family, friends and loved ones. As long as we are all healthy, happy and living our lives the way we wish nothing else matters. Nothing.

I am so thankful to have both our boys home tonight, both safe and snuggled in their bed/cot and loved and hugged. I am so glad I don't need to sleep in a hospital anymore, listening to the rattle of my sons chest and the beeping and crying going off in other rooms. Children's wards are very hard to be in. It makes you feel so helpless.


  1. You poor things. All of you. I hope the weekend makes things look better and healthier.

  2. You poor things. All of you. I hope the weekend makes things look better and healthier.

  3. Poor little thing, hope he is all better soon

  4. Thanks for your kind wishes Cass and makes me feel better :) - better news today with the little man having his first solids in two weeks - a lovely wholesome bowl of mushed Weetbix :) YAY! He found the road that leads to recovery :)

  5. Thinking of you. Hope your little one is much better :)

  6. Thank you for your kind thoughts, Biba - he is much better and eating almost 100% now :) - we've definitely hit the worst of it now...hope you're well and enjoying your day!